Advertising With the Web: Short Attention Spans – By Ted Dhanik

Advertising dollars aren’t cheap. Even though hits on a website can be self sustaining to a certain extent,  the effort to research and find the right sites can still be costly and time consuming. And even after these obstacles are conquered, how can a company know that their message is being received by those they seek to attract? The truth is, the average person wants their information in as little time possible. And advertisers need some assurance that their message gets received within that small window of time.

Realistically speaking, most of the general public isn’t very patient. They spend hundreds of dollars every year for new smart phones and faster service to keep from waiting a few seconds more for downloads and messages. The release of new phone models can produce lines of consumers waiting patiently for retail businesses to open. Some of them even go so far as having tents and camping gear available for overnight stays to be the first in line to receive this new product. With this in mind, the simple fact is the buying public wants faster service and they want it now.

In examining the desires of the general public, it can be deduced that a good portion of individuals will not wait for a company’s banner advertisement to appear on a website if it must scale through other advertisers before them. Banner advertising simply isn’t enough when compared to the possible time it might take for it to appear. It is only one of the many aspects that must be considered to create a successful advertising campaign.

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