Goal Setting for Makeup Artists

Guest post is provided by Cosmix Inc., one of the few makeup artistry schools in the country.  Cosmix offers professional, in-depth makeup training for a variety of sectors in the makeup industry.  Check out their website for more information.

Once you’ve graduated from a school for makeup artistry, it’s important to have a professional roadmap.  A professional roadmap allows you to plan your career path.  Many who have achieved great success in life, have had a vision for their life and utilized the practice of goal setting.

There is more to being a makeup artist than simply completing a few make up classes.  Makeup artistry is a very competitive field that can be difficult to break into without the proper experience, connections, or drive.  Therefore, it’s imperative to have the necessary makeup artistry skills, experience, knowledge of business and marketing, and most of all, the motivation.

Every makeup artist should have a career plan and break goals down into smaller steps.  When entering the field of makeup artistry, it’s best to have a specialty or an area of focus.  Whether it’s bridal makeup, fashion, special effects, or television, having a focus allows you to decide what steps you need to take next.

For example, if you know that you want to start in bridal makeup, the first step is to network with all the professionals associated with the bridal industry.  This includes photographers, bridal boutiques, wedding planners, hotels, and so forth.  Next, it’s important to create the appropriate marketing materials, including a brochure and business cards.

Set a goal to network with at least 5 professionals on a given day or create a bridal brochure in a week.  The idea is to create tangible action steps that won’t overwhelm you.

An important aspect of goal setting is also evaluating important life questions.  You should ask yourself questions such as, “Am I willing to relocate for my business?” and “Where do I see my career five years from now?”  These types of questions can help you create a professional roadmap that will guide you along your career path.

Social Class Influences Danish Students’ Career Paths

A new Danish study reveals that young students select career paths based on their parents’ background.

According to a study conducted by researchers from the University of Copenhagen, young students from working class families usually go after jobs in the fields of pharmacy or business.

The study also shows that financial freedom doesn’t override the influence of the social background. What can be done to level the playing field?

Read more: http://news.ku.dk/all_news/2013/2013.9/young-people-choose-education-based-on-parents-background/


Using the Internet to Propel Your Career as a Makeup Artist

Schools for makeup artists typically emphasize that word of mouth referrals are one of the most powerful ways that makeup artists book clients.  While that may be true, we live in the day and age of social media.  Today, nearly everyone has access to the internet and often checks the internet from their mobile phones throughout the day.  For this reason, utilizing social media for your makeup artistry business can help you to enjoy greater success.

After you’ve completed all of your makeup artist classes, start marketing yourself right away.  There are many avenues on the internet that should be utilized including personal websites, blogs and social media.

Every aspiring and established makeup artist should have a personal website that displays their best work from their portfolio, their rates and a bio section.  For your URL, you should use your full name so that people can find it easily.  Various websites offer free professional websites such as www.wix.com.  Wix also offers more specialized websites for minimal monthly fees.  Put thought into the design and colors of your website because this has an impact on the viewers and potential clients.

Make sure to link your website to your social media pages, a personal blog, and any other websites you’re connected to.  You may want to look into hiring an SEO company to help you increase your rankings on the search engines as well.  Create a professional email address that’s separate from your personal email.

Research shows that makeup artists who don’t post their picture online, are less likely to be hired than those that do.  Social media is one of the most effective ways to connect with potential clients and reach a larger audience.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube are very popular sites that can help you make your business highly visible.  It’s absolutely crucial to maintain a professional appearance on your social media accounts.  You shouldn’t post pictures of yourself partying until 3:00 in the morning!  Potential clients are likely to look for someone else if you present yourself as irresponsible.

Many makeup artists today use blogs and YouTube videos to gather a following.  Millions of people log onto YouTube every single day for beauty advice and makeup tutorials.  You can start a channel to show your skills and techniques. This is also an opportunity to show off your personality.  Use good lighting and speak clearly to add credibility to your pictures and videos.

In today’s market, it’s crucial to know how to use the internet to promote yourself as a makeup artist.  You never know what could happen, you might even become the next YouTube sensation!


Guest post is provided by Cosmix Inc., one of the leading schools where students can take makeup artist classes with professional, experienced instructors.  Browse their website for more information.


An Advertising Budget: You Get What You Pay For – By Ted Dhanik

When a company begins, a certain amount of expenditure goes in many different directions. Production, web costs, development, shipping: these things are typically planned for. However, many new online companies are under the assumption that the web is a miraculous place, that once word gets out, customers will come in droves. Unfortunately, this assumption is typically wrong. As unique a place as the internet can be, while following its new set of rules, a business nonetheless needs to be promoted to succeed. While marketing need to coincide with the new rules of the internet, this very marketing nonetheless needs to occur to get your products and services in the mind of consumers.

There are advertising agencies that specialize in web services. As with most things, some are decent, while others leave a lot to be desired. Any reputable company will have a list of successful campaigns in their portfolio and will be willing to share them with serious customers. However, these same reputable companies can cost a pretty penny for their services. The adage here is typically true. You get what you pay for. And with that in mind, these reputable agencies are normally worth the money and effort.

Even in the investment of a few banner ads, a decent ad agency can make a difference. It’s fairly simple to throw on an image and add a few words to create a banner. However, a decent company can find the right image and the proper use of those few words to create a banner ad that has impact and an increased chance of attracting the customers that a business is seeking. This is the advantage of working with a strong agency, knowing the difference between what is and the potential of what can be.

Ted Dhanik brings this message to you for the benefit of your new business. In seeking a consultant for your advertising purposes, Ted Dhanik has the answers for your advertising campaigns. Please visit Ted Dhanik at his website for more information.

Thoughts on the Relativity of Fact

“The Relativity of Fact and the Objectivity of Value,” by Catherine Elgin was included in Space of Love and Garbage, an essay collection edited by Samuel Phineas Upham. Catherine Z. Elgin is Professor of the Philosophy of Education at Harvard Graduate School of Education. She has taught philosophy at Princeton, Dartmouth, MIT, and Wellesley. Her scholarly work focuses on issues of epistemology, philosophy of art, and philosophy of science. She is the author of Considered Judgment, Between the Absolute and the Arbitrary, and With Reference to Reference, and co-author (with Nelson Goodman) of Reconceptions in Philosophy and Other Arts and Sciences.

Here is the bio (above) from the essay and a quotation of my favorite paragraphs of the essay (below).

Fact and value purport to be polar opposites: facts being absolute, material, objective, and impersonal; values relative, spiritual, subjective, and personal; facts being verifiable by the rigorous, austere methods of science; values being subject to no such assessment. The facts, they say, don’t lie. So every factual disagreement has a determinate resolution. Whether barium is heavier than plutonium is a question of fact; and whatever the answer, there are no two ways about it. Values, if they don’t precisely lie, are thought perhaps to distort. So evaluative disputes may be genuinely irresolvable. Whether, for example, a Van Gogh is better than a Vermeer might just be a matter of opinion. And on matters like these, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. Such is the prevailing stereotype.

Samuel Phineas Upham Samuel Phineas Upham is a writer, investor and philosopher from NYC. Visit Samuel Phineas Upham website for more details.

You can also buy this book on Amazon: Space of Love & Garbage by Samuel Phineas Upham

Advertising With the Web: Short Attention Spans – By Ted Dhanik

Advertising dollars aren’t cheap. Even though hits on a website can be self sustaining to a certain extent,  the effort to research and find the right sites can still be costly and time consuming. And even after these obstacles are conquered, how can a company know that their message is being received by those they seek to attract? The truth is, the average person wants their information in as little time possible. And advertisers need some assurance that their message gets received within that small window of time.

Realistically speaking, most of the general public isn’t very patient. They spend hundreds of dollars every year for new smart phones and faster service to keep from waiting a few seconds more for downloads and messages. The release of new phone models can produce lines of consumers waiting patiently for retail businesses to open. Some of them even go so far as having tents and camping gear available for overnight stays to be the first in line to receive this new product. With this in mind, the simple fact is the buying public wants faster service and they want it now.

In examining the desires of the general public, it can be deduced that a good portion of individuals will not wait for a company’s banner advertisement to appear on a website if it must scale through other advertisers before them. Banner advertising simply isn’t enough when compared to the possible time it might take for it to appear. It is only one of the many aspects that must be considered to create a successful advertising campaign.

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