Goal Setting for Makeup Artists

Guest post is provided by Cosmix Inc., one of the few makeup artistry schools in the country.  Cosmix offers professional, in-depth makeup training for a variety of sectors in the makeup industry.  Check out their website for more information.

Once you’ve graduated from a school for makeup artistry, it’s important to have a professional roadmap.  A professional roadmap allows you to plan your career path.  Many who have achieved great success in life, have had a vision for their life and utilized the practice of goal setting.

There is more to being a makeup artist than simply completing a few make up classes.  Makeup artistry is a very competitive field that can be difficult to break into without the proper experience, connections, or drive.  Therefore, it’s imperative to have the necessary makeup artistry skills, experience, knowledge of business and marketing, and most of all, the motivation.

Every makeup artist should have a career plan and break goals down into smaller steps.  When entering the field of makeup artistry, it’s best to have a specialty or an area of focus.  Whether it’s bridal makeup, fashion, special effects, or television, having a focus allows you to decide what steps you need to take next.

For example, if you know that you want to start in bridal makeup, the first step is to network with all the professionals associated with the bridal industry.  This includes photographers, bridal boutiques, wedding planners, hotels, and so forth.  Next, it’s important to create the appropriate marketing materials, including a brochure and business cards.

Set a goal to network with at least 5 professionals on a given day or create a bridal brochure in a week.  The idea is to create tangible action steps that won’t overwhelm you.

An important aspect of goal setting is also evaluating important life questions.  You should ask yourself questions such as, “Am I willing to relocate for my business?” and “Where do I see my career five years from now?”  These types of questions can help you create a professional roadmap that will guide you along your career path.