Going Back to School at 50

Many people returning to college find themselves completely lost with the abundance of misleading or incomplete information out there on the internet. Making the decision to go back to school is hard enough but it’s made much harder by its confusing nature. Fortunately there is help in terms of accurate information and also different loans and scholarships available for people in certain situations.

School is expensive! That’s something that everyone knows and has been a deterrent throughout the years to people with lower incomes. The secret is loans and grants – there are huge amounts of them available and most people don’t understand just how much help you can get. If you are going to a four year college and you have sufficient grades many private schools will offer you a large percentage of your tuition for free. If you are returning to school without a great track record of good grades, loans are available and can be repaid after graduating.

Many people take the strategy of applying for dozens of scholarships and grants in the hopes of getting one of them. For example, there are specific ones designed for people in different situations like scholarships for single parents. There are also grants designed for people going back to school at 50 and for many other reasons as well. The key – do your research and you can find yourself in a good situation.

Self-Doubt Happens, But Keep Your Eyes On the Prize

Looking at your reflection in the bathroom mirror, and seeing the face of the person who’s decided that he will be going back to school at 50, do you feel an invigorating sense of anticipation or does your stomach sink a little as the merest suggestion of all that lies ahead of you penetrates your consciousness?


Most likely you get a good dose of both feelings. Among many other things, it is a fact universally acknowledged that returning to college is not for the weak of spirit. That doesn’t mean, however, that even the mightiest among us are completely impervious to experiencing instances of self-doubt. It’s something that’s completely natural.

Just don’t let these moments distract you from your goals. Find the motivation you need to finish school and also to find the scholarships that will pay for it. If you catch sight of scholarships for single parents, make sure to pass that knowledge on to your single-parent schoolmates.