The Rules of Online Advertising – by Ted Dhanik

Advertising is one of the most important elements in running a successful business.  While traditional advertising such as print and television ads are still widely used, online advertising has begun to dominate the market.  Many businesses think that online ads have to be incredibly different than traditional ads in their form and message.  While online ads are considerably different than traditional ads, there are some basic rules that apply to both.

Here are some tips for both online and offline ads:

1.  Make it catchy and memorable: Ads should be kept short and sweet.  Most ads should stick to no more than seven words.  One tip is to say the phrase out loud and see if it sounds succinct and clear.  If it doesn’t, it’s time for a do-over.  The goal is to grab the consumer’s attention and hopefully get them to respond to the CTA (call to action).  Some ways to do this include incorporating humor or a visually appealing image.

2.  Know your audience: Ads can be incredibly interesting and clever, however, it’s pointless if it doesn’t appeal to a target audience.  It’s important to pinpoint the demographic group.  Factors to consider include gender, age, income level, interests, and lifestyle.  The tone and appearance of the ad should center on the target audience for the best results.

3.  Include a call to action: A call to action (CTA) should inspire viewers to do something.  It’s important to narrow down what the intended CTA behind the ad is.

4.  Less is more: The research shows that consumers respond best to simple and concise messages.  Jingles are successful because they stick with consumers and they’re typically not very long or complicated.  The less a reader has to read, the more successful the ad generally is.

Author bio: Guest post is provided by the president and co-founder of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik.  Dhanik has worked for big names such as, Xoriant Corporation,, and even Myspace.  Ted Dhanik has over fifteen years of experience in marketing, business sales, and business development.  Ted Dhanik leads the way in advertising solutions.

Sacramento Reacts to Revenge Porn Trend with a New Bill

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Targets of revenge porn understand that a proposed act from Sacramento is a little indictment in opposition to their instigators. They are left with their daily lives shook up without any chance of real settlement. They believe their lives are permanently tainted, which they will certainly never ever totally recuperate from the anguish acted on them. Several sites like “Is Anyone Up” offers web links to social networks profiles opening up a method for ruthless harassment in real life.

When it appears on the web it becomes like an infection, and it will rarely ever disappear. This is why revenge porn is so detrimental. California State Senator Anthony Cannella has created an act that makes revenge porn a misdemeanor culpable by a $1,000 fine and perhaps a month behind bars. The proposal is a counteraction opposing the misfortune of Audrie Pott’s suicide after a sexual offense by three peers at a party. Striking images were dispersed around the school, and feeling like her life was totally ruined, took her life right after.

If you’ve previously dealt with topless or sexually suggestive snapshots of you put up on the internet due to an ex-boyfriend, you understand exactly how shameful and uncontrollable the entire case may feel. Publishing photos of prior companions on the internet anywhere from sexually suggestive to explicit is regarded as “revenge porn” in the legislation making system.

Extortion cases are acted upon behalf of revenge porn internet sites demanding money to take the pictures down. Occasionally the most effective safeguards these individuals could rely on is just hiding their x-rated hyperlinks in Google Search Engines, however eliminating them truly is challenging work. With any luck the rule will likely hinder possible revenge porn as a result of criminal consequences that could be connected with it.

Microsoft Office 2010 Training Videos To Help Your Staff

Microsoft Office is and has been a major tool for all companies all around the world for a few decades now.  Microsoft Office is always changing though, and it is very common for companies to try and constantly update to the latest version of Office.  The only catch to this though is that employees need to keep up with all of the changes to the programs they have to use every day to get their job done.  This is why professionally developed Microsoft Office 2010 training videos can help with the conversion.



We use Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, as well as Microsoft Excel in the Office suite just about every day in our jobs.  These are extremely common products.  Even outside of the workforce, they are utilized by students, adults, and others to do basic word processing, budgeting, presentations, and so on.  Microsoft, as they should, constantly tries to improve these vital programs to our lives to offer us new features and benefits.  Keeping up with what they have tweaked or added though is no easy task, and takes a concerted effort from employees.

Online training is beginning to be offered for Microsoft Office, as well as other Microsoft products.  Windows Server 2008 online training videos as well as SCCM 2007 training videos have been developed from the experts over at to help companies train their employees on the latest technology out there.  These trainings have proven to be vital to any company who has utilized them, as it has shown that it improved the effectiveness and efficiency of employees across the board.