Options for Young Men at Risk

By Wood Creek Academy

If you have a teenage son, it’s perfectly natural that they may test your limits at times and even act out in ways you’d probably prefer they didn’t. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take any extreme measures. It’s when they start breaking the law, harming themselves or others or making other potentially life-altering decisions that you need to start thinking about what’s necessary to keep them on the right path.

One option is to send them to a boys boarding school. Far away from their normal surroundings, they’ll have a much more difficult time getting into trouble. Their entire schedule will be regimented to the degree that they will have very little time for anything but learning and maturing. Plus, they’ll be in a remote area where potentially dangerous activities aren’t available to them.

Another option are wilderness therapy programs. These function as boarding schools but out in nature and with a focus on therapy. This option is especially helpful for young men who are acting out due to some kind of emotional, mental or spiritual pain in their past or present.

Wood Creek Academy is an all boys, boys boarding school and boot camp located in the remote mountainside of rural Montana. Therapeutic boarding schools like theirs work with young men in their teenage years who are headed down the wrong path and help instill in them the necessary values it takes to bring them back to a better place.

Tips on How to Advance as a Makeup Artist

Written by Cosmix Inc.

Do you want to shine as a makeup artist? Of course you do! Makeup artistry is a competitive field, especially if you want to work in the worlds of fashion, film, or TV. Even if you’ve attended the top special fx makeup school or makeup artistry school, you will need more than your education to move up in your career. Still, there are ways you can beef up your resume and get ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned makeup artist, follow these important tips on how to advance your career as a makeup artist.

Think outside the makeup bag. Sure, you know all there is to know about applying makeup, but do you have any other skills that might complement your career? At top makeup artistry schools such as Cosmix Inc., students are encouraged to learn a variety of skills outside of makeup artistry, such as skills in the fields of hair and wardrobe.

Learning how to style hair and wardrobe can be valuable assets in the fashion industry. Basics go a long way. Whether you’re a recent graduate or have been working as a makeup artist for years, knowing how to select the right clothing for an editorial feature of advertising campaign will get you more gigs in fashion.

Keep up with trends. Fads come and go, but a successful makeup artist knows when something is in fashion even before it hits the market. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends by attending fashion shows, trade shows, industry conference, and perusing industry magazines.

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