Simple PSAT Prep Tips Bbefore The Big Test

It’s called the National Merit Scholarship Program and in order to be considered eligible, you have to score well on this test in order to get into the college or university that you’ve always dreamed of as a child.




It’s vital that you do score high on this test (which is no different from the Chemistry SAT II test if that’s what you want to pursue in college) as it will take the burden of high college tuition that the best colleges and university in the United States seem to charge students these days.

Of course, working with reputed tutoring franchises that provide you with the necessary guidance and teachers for you to succeed in this test can be the best thing you ever did, but here are a few simple tips concerning small things that we might forget when leaving to write the test.

#1: A Calculator

Attending the test without an approved calculator will end in complications that you don’t want to deal with. Make sure you carry one with you when you go for the test.

#2: Extra No. 2 Pencils

While conventional advice might suggest that you carry two sharpened No. 2 pencils, it’s a good idea to carry three so that you can be of help to someone who might have forgotten. In doing a bit of good for someone else, you will be able to take the test in a positive frame of mind.

#3: Snacks and water

Since the test is about two-and-a-half hours long, it’s wise to carry some snacks and water that you can use to ‘fuel up’ during the test. It will help you stay focused.

#4: The Night Before the Test

PSAT prep isn’t effective if you are trying to study too much the night before the test. Just go to bed early and remember to wake up early. Being fresh and attentive during the test can help you focus like no other.

Three Reasons Why Going Back to School at 50 is a Good Idea

While the age factor can be a deterrent to many people who are going back to school at 50, the truth is that there are opportunities that you cannot afford to miss out on. Interestingly, statistics from the Census Bureau indicate that most students who do attend college are 25 years old and above. If there’s anything that should stop you from attending college, it shouldn’t be your age.

If that’s not enough, here are three more reasons why you should go back to school:

#1: Finish what you started

If you did attend college in your younger years and did not complete college, then there couldn’t be a better time to go back and complete your college education. Another reason why people might wish to go back and finish their college education is the fact that they might be ignored for a promotion due to the lack of a qualification. Yes, finishing what you started is definitely a good idea.

#2: New Career

For some people, their current career holds no more interest and they want to pursue something that is in line with their knowledge, skills, and interests. So now, in order to take up a new career, it only seems logical that they go back to the drawing board. And what’s more, getting grants for going back to school is much easier for older adults than younger students these days.

#3: Personal events in your life

For most people who are now living as single parents, perhaps their priority might have not been education for a while, and with being forced to earn a living now that they are on their own, an education becomes increasingly important. Thankfully, you can obtain single mothers grants that can not only reduce your tuition costs, but help you accomplish this goal.