New York: Home of the First Labor Unions

By Samuel Phineas Upham

The history of American labor unions isn’t something that’s easy to pinpoint, mostly because the timeline is somewhat muddled. There were disputes dating as far back as 1677, and much of American legislation on this subject draws inspiration from the English laws related to restraint of trade.


During the Civil War, New York faced a unique problem. As the financial center for much of the world, the impending and of the Southern slave economy was threatening to destabilize the financial giant.

There was another problem that was coming from the ports of New York, which were beginning to see increased activity to compensate for the lack of Southern-imported business goods. An influx of Irish immigrants had brought stable labor to the city, but that labor was increasingly feeling the pinch of no money and few opportunities. Journeymen workers, who were far from entrepreneurs, outnumbered masters in industry. With so few companies going around, people who held capital were able to play the market and pit the masters against one another, with the lowest paid workers being the biggest losers of all.

These workers began to band together with the intention of seeking better opportunities, which is which led to criminal cases brought against them. If that seems extreme, consider that the workers who lost these cases usually didn’t have fines against them, the cases were more to establish precedent for future disputes.

Strikes were broken up, often violently, and workers were hauled off to jail fighting for the 40-hour work week. New York even hosted the first mass strike of women, when 20,000 apparel workers walked out for three months in 1909.

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Three Reasons to Attend Makeup Artistry College

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Attending a makeup school is an ideal choice for people who want to start a career in cosmetology but don’t know where to begin. By taking makeup artist classes, students can not only learn the skills they need to excel in the industry but can have a better understanding of which specialty is right for them. Instead of attending a special FX makeup school or other college that has a specific focus, many students thrive in attending a school such as the Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry that offers many different degree options.


So what are some of the reasons that people decide to attend a makeup artistry school?

Entry Into a Growing Industry

No matter which field of interest appeals to you, makeup courses offer you a pathway into many diverse and growing career options. For example, a stylist in a salon can easily make $50,000 a year working full-time — and that’s if they don’t own their own salon. People who specialize in high fashion or production makeup can make far more than that.

You Want Freedom In Your Career

Starting a career in makeup artistry gives you plenty of opportunity to take control of your own career. You can start your own salon or become a freelance makeup artist and take jobs as you see fit. You can work as often or as little as you want and will have the absolute freedom to set your hours.

You Love Makeup

Of course, none of this matters if you don’t have a passion for hair and makeup. If you have the desire to help people look their best or to use makeup to create new creatures for film and television, then you owe it to yourself to check out a reputable makeup school.

The Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is one of the leading makeup schools in the United States. Based in South Florida, the school offers classes in every aspect of makeup and beauty.

Consider a Boarding School for Your Troubled Teen

Written by Wood Creek Academy

Raising children is never easy. Teenagers can be especially difficult. However, there’s an argument to be made that raising teenagers in this day and age is harder than it’s ever been. You have to struggle with the prevalence of drugs and all the problems that are present thanks to the Internet age. This makes raising any teenager difficult, of course. However, if your teen begins getting in trouble, at home, school and/or with the law, these factors will only make things that much tougher.


It’s important that you carefully consider all your options for helping your teenager come back from the edge and repair their lives. There are definitely a lot of ways you could do this, but boarding schools for troubled boys may be the best.

Right now, your child is caught in an environment that fosters their behavior, whether it means to or not. One of the great things about a boot camp for teenagers is that it gets them away from this place completely. The people and triggers that have become part of their destructive behavior will no longer be around to cause problems. Likewise, if your child is causing issues at home with your other children, getting them to a boarding school will make things easier on the rest of your family.


Sometimes programs for troubled youth aren’t just the best possible way to help trouble kids, but the only way. With Wood Creek Academy, you can get your child the help they need.

Discover Three Great Scholarships for Makeup Artistry School

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry


If you’re thinking about attending makeup artistry school, you might be worried about the cost. In fact, many people avoid following their dreams because of financial hurdles. But money shouldn’t stand in the way of doing what you want in life, especially when it comes to education.

There are many ways to get financial aid for a makeup academy, including applying for scholarships, or money that you don’t have to pay back. Are you a professional artist? Are you already working as a facial specialist or nail technician and want to become a makeup artist? There might be a scholarship for you. Here are three great scholarships offered by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry.

Artistic Scholarships

If you’re particularly talented in any form of art and want to pursue makeup training, or you’re already a professional artist, you might qualify for one of the artistic scholarships offered at Cosmix Inc. The school offers one scholarship in this category called Creative Potential, which is for non-professional artists who display potential in any form of art. The second scholarship is for professional artists, including those who draw, paint, photograph, and those who work as graphic design artists. So even if you’re not working as a makeup artist right now, you can apply as a professional artist and get money to go to school if you qualify.

Industry Professional Scholarships

Many times professional cosmetologists or nail technicians will want to continue their education and learn the trade of makeup artistry. If you’re already working in the industry as a facial specialist, cosmetologist, or nail technicians, you might quality for one of the Industry Professional Scholarships offered through Cosmix Inc. In addition to the scholarship application for makeup training, you will have to submit proof of your professional license.

Annual Jay Cannistraci Scholarship

Are you very passionate about becoming a makeup artist? Passion can make or break someone’s career, and this is especially true when it comes to the makeup artists. If you’re very passionate about makeup, you might qualify for the Annual Jay Cannistraci Scholarship. Jay Cannistraci was an instructor at Cosmix Inc., and the scholarship has been setup in his name to honor his work in the industry. The scholarship gets awarded to an individual who possesses the same passion as Jay Cannistraci, who died on September 15, 2011. Jay was a talented and successful makeup artist in the film industry who worked with directors Woody Allen, Oliver Stone, and James Cameron. He worked on over 100 movies and TV episodes.

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is a professional makeup school in South Florida. The school offers programs in production, fashion, and special effects makeup artistry.

What to Look for in a Teenage Boot Camp Program

Written by Wood Creek Academy

When searching for a residential or juvenile boot camp program, there are some important factors to consider that might help you in coming up with a final decision. The list below breaks down some of these factors.



Since your teenager would be the most in contact with the camp’s staff, it is important to know about them and their training. You might want to learn about the camp’s employees by visiting in person, going on their web page or calling the camp.

Therapeutic Environment

A therapeutic boarding school needs to offer an environment that would be conducive to change and improvement. The environment should also be a calm and healthy one. This would help the troubled teen to address trauma and learn to deal with their issues.

Skills Teaching

The main objective of the boot camp would be to impart teenagers with skills that will be of help to them in the outside world. A program teaching communication skills, personal growth and family values would be particularly beneficial.

Parental Involvement

Involving parents in the residential program will enable them to understand what their child is learning and they would be able to reinforce this once the program has ended. Programs involving the collaboration of parents have more chances of succeeding.

Positive Discipline

The discipline used in a program is essential to its success. Positive discipline has a more lasting impact on the teenager.

Wood Creek Academy is a boot camp for teenagers offering programs enabling teenagers to acquire life skills through positive discipline.

Overcoming Teenage Issues

Written by Wood Creek Academy

If you are the parent of a teenager, you might be undergoing the most challenging years of parenthood. Teenagers tend to be impetuous and susceptible. This is because they are going through a lot of changes physically and psychologically. Some of these changes are brought about by changes in social connections, emotions, peers and academic pressures. From the parent’s side, there are several steps that could be taken to ease up this period.

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Guided Conversations

By engaging in a guided conversation as a parent, you would be able to help your teenager to voice out any issues and concerns. Parents could also show interest to the life of their children and try to keep themselves informed about any issue that the teenager is having. During guided conversation sessions, the topics started need to be objective and truthful responses from the teenager need to be encouraged. Parents could also work on their active listening skills by showing empathy to their children without judging them. Active listening would also help in gaining the trust of teenagers.

Out Of Home Placement

In some particular situations, an out of home placement might be a good solution in solving certain teenage issues. A juvenile boot camp will be able to help teenagers to acquire certain sets of skills while sharing the issues with other troubled teenagers. These therapeutic boarding schools have special targeted programs.

Wood Creek Academy is a boot camp for teenagers offering programs that help them acquire life skills and positively change to their lives by adopting a more positive attitude.

Three Reasons to Consider a Wilderness Program for Troubled Boys

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Is a wilderness boarding school right for your son? There are many different types of programs for troubled youth; however a wilderness boarding school might be the type of program you’re searching for. At first glance, a wilderness program resembles other types of programs: residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, and Outward Bound. These programs certainly have their benefits, and, more specifically, benefit specific personalities, but are comparatively limited compared to wilderness programs.

Here’s a look at the top three reasons why a wilderness program might be the perfect fit for your son.


It’s not a live-in health care facility. Residential treatment center programs or therapeutic boarding schools for boys, in which teens are sent to live-in health care facilities, focus more on drug detoxification and mental health problems than on behavioral therapy and modification. As a result, these programs are more clinical, and tend to leave underlying problems—such as neglectful home environments, or improper ways of coping with anger or grief, or self-esteem deficits—ignored or unattended.


However, a wilderness program such as Wood Creek Academy offers aid for youth struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The school has a Licensed Addiction Counselor on staff who visits the school once a week, and, with parental consent, we permit teens who are assessed with an addiction to attend weekly AA meetings. The program offers its own version of the 12-step program, and teaches teens about respect, personal responsibility, and communication—values difficult to instill in residential treatment centers or therapeutic boarding schools.


It’s more than an outward bound program.


Outward Bound programs, which organize emotional growth experiences around group outdoor-education activities, might not offer anything beyond outdoor experiences. However, a wilderness program for troubled boys has the best of both worlds. For example, Wood Creek Academy sits on 60 acres of gorgeous ranchland adjoining the Kootenai and Lolo National Forests, provides teens with plenty of opportunity for outdoor activity: boys spend a minimum of 3 hours each day outdoors, and play football, softball, volleyball, and engage in numerous hikes around the property. However, students also get classroom instruction. In the classroom, which is year-round, teens are taught by accredited teachers with over 35 years of public school teaching experience between them. Academics are tailored so that each student achieves their educational goals.


It’s not a typical boot camp for teens.


Lastly, a wilderness program for troubled youth differs greatly from boot camps for teenagers, which emphasize punishment over discipline, and do not properly prepare teens for positive and healthy interactions in the outside world. Such programs neither respect nor educate youth.


When you select the right wilderness therapy program, you can provide your child with the best possible one-on-one care, emotional and behavioral counseling, and academic education.


Wood Creek Academy is a licensed therapeutic boarding school and wilderness therapy program for young men ages 13 to 18. Visit the website to learn more about their unique programs for troubled youth.

Having a rebellious teenager that’s going way too far

Written by Wood Creek Academy

Mother Daughter Conflict

Being a parent, you need to give your children a little tough love sometimes. We’re not saying that you should lay a hand on them, of course. Rather, we’re talking about discipline and order in the home. Do not let your children slack off or go about unsupervised. The fact that they are teenagers means that they are almost adults, but the key word here is that they are still almost adults. That means their judgment may not be as mature as an adult, and they are prone to commit more mistakes than adults would. If you let this type of behavior go unchecked, this will result to them carrying these habits into adulthood wherein they could develop more serious problems like alcoholism, drug addiction, or even a propensity to commit crime. To prevent this, you can send them to a boys boarding school or behavior modification schools that will get them straightened out. Sometimes, this bad behavior of our children is due to is being too easy and lenient on them. In other words, we let them off the hook if they do something bad – and they would take this in the belief that we condone what they do. Sometimes, we take action when it is too late or when things have gone a bit too far. This is the part where we ask for help, such as these schools that can provide more focus and attention to them so they can get rid of that bad habits and behavior.

Juvenile boot camp elicits a bad impression, like it is prison for kids. But on the contrary, it’s actually more like a school with a better focus on discipline and conduct.

Three Things You Didn’t Know about American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Written by Learners Workshop 

Are you thinking about attending the American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM)?  You might have already heard a lot of great things about this college. You might already know that it’s an acupuncture college that combines western and traditional Chinese medicine in its programs.

But if you thought you knew everything there was to know about ACAOM, think again. Here are three facts you probably didn’t know about this exceptional college located in Houston, Texas.



ACAOM has support from four international sister schools. What’s better than having access to a great college? The answer is having access to five. Although ACAOM is a full-service acupuncture college, it’s connected to four sister schools: Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Taipei Medical University, Luzhou Medical University, and Tai Chung Medical University. What does this mean for the student? It means that students have access to extensive student and faculty exchanges and best practices knowledge. It also means students have access to joint academic, clinical, and research partnerships. Finally, students have the choice to study abroad in China.

ACAOM has an onsite clinic. There’s no better way to learn how to perform acupuncture than to practice.   After completing the required coursework, there will come a day when you will get the chance to put your training in practice. What better place to practice the techniques of acupuncture than in an actual eastern medicine clinic? Since 1991, ACAOM has provided students and patients with an onsite clinic. The clinic makes it possible for students, interns, and licensed professionals to provide real patients with Chinese medicine treatments, including acupuncture. To date, students and professionals have treated over 90 different conditions and see nearly 1,000 patients each month.

ACAOM offers a fully-online master’s program. If you’re pressed for time or are unable to travel to Houston, Texas for classes, why not consider enrolling in an online program through ACAOM? As one of the best acupuncture schools in the nation, ACAOM is proud to offer an online Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership degree program. This unique program teaches students about wellness, healthcare administration, and Oriental medicine management. With a Master of Integrative Healthcare Leadership degree, students can apply for management jobs at facilities such as wellness centers and hospitals. Offered as a two-year degree, the program can be completed in a single year, all from the comfort of your own home. If you are interested in learning more, visit the website to learn about our alternative medicine graduate programs.
American College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is an accredited acupuncture school and acupuncture clinic that offers a variety of masters and doctoral programs.

Reasons You Need Career Development Services

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

The top colleges, universities, and makeup schools across the nation have career development services, services and courses that provide students and recent graduates with the tools and information they need to be successful in their careers. Here are three reasons you shouldn’t attend a school without these services:


You get to learn how to market yourself. The ability to present yourself in the professional world, or market yourself, doesn’t come natural to everyone. But the right school will help you learn how to do just that. For example, Cosmix Inc. helps students learn how to create business cards, a resume, build a powerful portfolio, and create a nice website.

You get access to industry professionals. Getting the right job is all about knowing the right people. The best colleges have access to or host networking events so that students can meet with industry professionals and potential employers. Attend a college that provides students with opportunities to meet industry professionals.

You can continue your education. Some of the top makeup artists in the nation never stop learning. Even after you graduate, you might want to take refresher makeup classes or continue your education. It’s important to attend a school that offers such classes to recent graduates.

Cosmix Inc. is one of the leading schools for makeup artistry in South Florida. The school offers programs in fashion, beauty, and special FX makeup.