What to Look for in a Teenage Boot Camp Program

Written by Wood Creek Academy

When searching for a residential or juvenile boot camp program, there are some important factors to consider that might help you in coming up with a final decision. The list below breaks down some of these factors.



Since your teenager would be the most in contact with the camp’s staff, it is important to know about them and their training. You might want to learn about the camp’s employees by visiting in person, going on their web page or calling the camp.

Therapeutic Environment

A therapeutic boarding school needs to offer an environment that would be conducive to change and improvement. The environment should also be a calm and healthy one. This would help the troubled teen to address trauma and learn to deal with their issues.

Skills Teaching

The main objective of the boot camp would be to impart teenagers with skills that will be of help to them in the outside world. A program teaching communication skills, personal growth and family values would be particularly beneficial.

Parental Involvement

Involving parents in the residential program will enable them to understand what their child is learning and they would be able to reinforce this once the program has ended. Programs involving the collaboration of parents have more chances of succeeding.

Positive Discipline

The discipline used in a program is essential to its success. Positive discipline has a more lasting impact on the teenager.

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