Consider Working with At Risk Youths

By Wood Creek Academy

People get into education for a number of different reasons, but they usually have to do with helping kids and passing on a better experience. While this is admirable, there is an opportunity to actually do more for a very specific segment of the youth population: those who are at risk.


Every year, untold numbers of youths in this country find themselves in trouble for all kinds of reasons. Consequences can be small at first, but it can also only be a matter of time before something much worse comes from their poor decisions and personal demons. If you want to help these children, consider something like wilderness therapy programs or boarding schools directed at this segment of our young population.

Boot camp for teenagers is designed to provide an immersion into personal responsibility they may otherwise not know. Many children have simply escaped the lessons so many of their counterparts take for granted (though they are no less essential).

Boarding schools tend to favor a more traditional take on learning, but still provide the kind of structure many children would otherwise lack, often through no fault of their parents.

So although teaching in a traditional way is still plenty important, these specialty programs appeal to many too.


Childhood and teenage years can be a difficult time, but it’s often far worse for some than others. In order to keep these youths on a productive path, something like a Juvenile boot campcan often be necessary. Fortunately, these programs have an amazing track record that promises real results.

The Best Jobs Available

By Brand College

Everyone wants the best possible job available; that should go without saying. However, what do we mean when we say something like that? For most people, it means a job that pays well, provides security and is enjoyable. If that sounds like you’re definition, but you’re not happy with what you currently do, pack your bags and get ready for IT training in Los Angeles.


First of all, you’ll be taking classes in Los Angeles. What could be better? LA is a town most people dream of vacationing to and you’ll actually be living there. Not only is the weather amazing, but there’s never a dull moment.

Then there’s the fact that information technology classes in Los Angeles are getting you ready to move into one of the most important and fastest growing industries in the world. You’re virtually guaranteed to never have to worry about your finances ever again. Plus, unlike so many poor souls, you’ll basically never get fired. Every business out there needs an IT person, after all.

What’s more, you’ll love it! Everyone loves computers, right? You’ll be getting paid to learn more about them.


Computers don’t just rule the day, they’re the wave of the future too, meaning if you know how they work, you can parlay that into quite the position. It should be no surprise that computer school in Los Angeles is key to ruling this industry, which is why Brand College makes so much sense.

What You Didn’t Know about Schools of Makeup Artistry

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

Are you considering a career in makeup artistry? If you want to become a makeup artist, changes are you have been researching various schools. One of the routes to becoming a makeup artist is by attending a school of makeup artistry. Think you know everything there is to know about schools of makeup artistry? Cosmix Inc. offers the following facts you might not know about schools of makeup artistry.


They are different than beauty schools. There are many beauty schools and cosmetology schools to choose from, but a school of makeup artistry is not either. A school of makeup artistry is an institution that offers comprehensive programs in makeup artistry with professional teachers who are working in their fields. This means you don’t have to take courses in other subjects.

You can focus on a certain industry. Do you want to attend special FX makeup school? It’s hard to find a makeup school that offers specialized courses. Most beauty schools and cosmetology schools provide general courses in makeup. However, the right school of makeup artistry will offer a program in the field of your choice, from production and fashion to special effects.

They offer individual courses. Just because you don’t want to enter a long program doesn’t mean you can’t attend a school of makeup artistry. Many schools of makeup artistry provide individual courses in addition to comprehensive programs. This means you can take one or two courses to brush up on the basics or to learn a new technique.

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is a licensed and accredited make up artist school in South Florida. It is one of the only makeup schools in Florida that offers comprehensive programs in fashion, production, and special effects makeup.

Do not give up on your troubled children

Written by Wood Creek Academy

As parents, nothing is more rewarding and fulfilling than to see our children grow up into successful men and women that lead good lives and hold respectable positions in society. And since it’s easier said than done, we must never forget that what we do in their youth will determine what they will be in the future.


If you have children that are problematic, always remember to never give up on them no matter how frustrating they may be. There are troubled youth programs as well as boarding schools for troubled boys that you can enroll your child in so you can help get rid of their bad habits and attitude. Sending them to places like these isn’t actually giving up on your kids, instead you’re doing a positive act by acknowledging the severity of their problem and actually doing something about it before it’s too late. When you do send them off, don’t cut off your relationship with your kid. Instead, be there for them even more by providing them emotional support by constantly talking to them and visiting them whenever you can. This will make your child feel and understand that you’re not actually shipping them off to be someone else’s problem. Instead, you’re actually helping them improve and get better. Doing this will help build your relationship with your child and would even result to you being closer to them as well. You might encounter resistance at first, so it’s important for you to let them understand the importance of it all.

A boot camp for teenagers might just be the very thing that your kid needs. The training in these schools are top notch and what he learns there would definitely help him in life.

Scholarship Opportunity for Beauty Industry Professionals

Written by Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry

To make it in any career, professionals must continue growing and learning in their fields. The beauty industry is no different. But coming up with the funds to further your education is easier said than done. This is why we’re pleased to announce a unique scholarship opportunity for people who’re already working in the beauty industry.

Cosmix Inc., a leading school of makeup artistry in South Florida, is offering “industry professional scholarships” for professionals in the beauty industry, such as licensed cosmetologists, facial specialists, and nail technicians. Here’s a look at the scholarship, who should apply, and how to apply.

The Scholarship

If awarded, recipients receive $1,500- $3,000 tuition assistance towards the school’s Production & Fashion Makeup Artistry Programs, both of which offer in-depth training in basic and advanced skills of makeup artistry and are taught by industry-leading professionals. (Cosmix also provides courses at its special FX makeup school, although it is not part of this scholarship.)

Who Should Apply?

This unique scholarship opportunity is designed for working beauty professionals who want to expand their skills in makeup but don’t have the funds to pursue additional education. The scholarship is also created for industry professionals who want more than the basic education usually provided by cosmetology schools.

How to Apply

Scholarship applications are available at the school’s website and can be submitted all year long. Along with a completed application, applicants must also submit a copy of their copy of their cosmetology, nail, or skin care license. You will be reviewed based on your application and an interview. This scholarship opportunity is open to a few professionals a year.

Cosmix Inc. is a fully licensed and accredited makeup and special FX makeup school located in South Florida. Visit the website for more information about one of the leading special effects makeup schools in the nation.

Options for Young Men at Risk

By Wood Creek Academy

If you have a teenage son, it’s perfectly natural that they may test your limits at times and even act out in ways you’d probably prefer they didn’t. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to take any extreme measures. It’s when they start breaking the law, harming themselves or others or making other potentially life-altering decisions that you need to start thinking about what’s necessary to keep them on the right path.

One option is to send them to a boys boarding school. Far away from their normal surroundings, they’ll have a much more difficult time getting into trouble. Their entire schedule will be regimented to the degree that they will have very little time for anything but learning and maturing. Plus, they’ll be in a remote area where potentially dangerous activities aren’t available to them.

Another option are wilderness therapy programs. These function as boarding schools but out in nature and with a focus on therapy. This option is especially helpful for young men who are acting out due to some kind of emotional, mental or spiritual pain in their past or present.

Wood Creek Academy is an all boys, boys boarding school and boot camp located in the remote mountainside of rural Montana. Therapeutic boarding schools like theirs work with young men in their teenage years who are headed down the wrong path and help instill in them the necessary values it takes to bring them back to a better place.

Tips on How to Advance as a Makeup Artist

Written by Cosmix Inc.

Do you want to shine as a makeup artist? Of course you do! Makeup artistry is a competitive field, especially if you want to work in the worlds of fashion, film, or TV. Even if you’ve attended the top special fx makeup school or makeup artistry school, you will need more than your education to move up in your career. Still, there are ways you can beef up your resume and get ahead of the competition. Whether you’re a recent graduate or a seasoned makeup artist, follow these important tips on how to advance your career as a makeup artist.

Think outside the makeup bag. Sure, you know all there is to know about applying makeup, but do you have any other skills that might complement your career? At top makeup artistry schools such as Cosmix Inc., students are encouraged to learn a variety of skills outside of makeup artistry, such as skills in the fields of hair and wardrobe.

Learning how to style hair and wardrobe can be valuable assets in the fashion industry. Basics go a long way. Whether you’re a recent graduate or have been working as a makeup artist for years, knowing how to select the right clothing for an editorial feature of advertising campaign will get you more gigs in fashion.

Keep up with trends. Fads come and go, but a successful makeup artist knows when something is in fashion even before it hits the market. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends by attending fashion shows, trade shows, industry conference, and perusing industry magazines.

Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry is an accredited, licensed fx makeup school also offering programs in Fashion and Production makeup artistry. Learn more about one of the leading special effects makeup schools.

Amazing Science Experiments for Kids

Everyone has made a baking soda volcano at some point in their lives. Isn’t it time we give kids something a little more interesting, and challenging, like a near space balloon or a robot building contest? Here are a few experiments you might want to try at home.

Build a Computer

The Raspberry PI is only $25, and it’s a small unit that packs a big punch. It’s meant to bring computing to the masses, but it makes for a fun tool to teach kids about hardware. If you are so inclined, you can search Craigslist for a used computer and take it apart. Then you can let students collaborate in groups to assemble the hardware and install a Linux distro (which are free to download). See if you can challenge students to install and run their favorite game, or try to install art software and create a fun picture.

Weather Balloons

A high altitude weather balloon can record data from the stratosphere such as flight path, atmospheric conditions, and pictures of space or the Earth below. Weather balloons come in different sizes, and you can attach a small payload with a message from the school or something you can use to test the effects of near-space exploration (like seeing if fruit will freeze after spending time in the stratosphere, or checking a data logger to visualize the findings).

Just remember that you need a clear day, and someone trained to handle hydrogen or helium to coordinate a successful launch.

Bio: Sky-Probe sells weather balloons for science experiments and other projects. If you are interested in seeing the stratosphere for yourself, contact Sky-Probe.

Sasha Bakhru Discusses Cancer Stem Cells

Mutations in a cell can cause it to become cancerous, so why couldn’t the same principles help kill cancer cells? Cells are remarkable objects that are capable of developing into just about anything the body needs. What we commonly call stem cells are like blank slates, or LEGO bricks.

The cells in our body have internal controls that usually prevent uncontrolled changes to occur. Thus the mutation typically occurs in those genes. Without a method to stop the cancer from forming, the cells quickly take over and the tumor grows. The cancerous cells have unstable genomes, which will cause the differences in each cell. This makes targeting cancer cells individually a difficult process with standard medications, which is why the shotgun approach is often used when treating cancer.

Most cancer cells also proliferate quickly, so quickly in fact that just one cell can cause cancer. The theory behind using stem cells to treat cancer is to kill the cancer cells from the inside. With stem cells, medical scientists can plant a cell whose outcome is already determined, thus stopping the feed of cancerous cells.

The trouble is volume. At this point the demand far outweighs the supply so treatments are not yet mainstream. Stem cells taken from the same body rarely help cure that body, and there are not enough volunteers and organs to go around. In the future, medical scientists hope to engineer stem cells on demand, but we are still a long way off. For now, Stem cells are the dream treatment for cancer as they heal the body from within rather than decimating the disease.

Bio: The preceding post was written on behalf of Sasha Bakhru, a leading biomedical researcher. Sasha Bakhru is currently working on a method to engineer tissues from stem cells.

How to Become a Makeup Artist

Do you want to become a makeup artist? Makeup artists get to work in a variety of industries, from fashion and beauty to film and television. They can work as independent artists for the wedding industry or create prosthetic appliances for theater. Whether you want to work in fashion, film, or special effects, a career as a makeup artist is fun, challenging, and lucrative. So how do you get started? Here are a few tips on how to become a makeup artist.

Get a well-rounded education. Before you can work as a makeup artist, it’s important to receive a well-rounded education at a licensed make up artistry school. In addition to learning fundamental makeup techniques, it’s important to take makeup artistry classes in a variety of media, including fashion, theater, film, and television. Receiving a well-rounded education is not only beneficial for your career, but it will help you decide which area of makeup you want to focus on.

Create a great portfolio. A great portfolio usually starts with your best work during school. This is why it’s a good idea to attend a school that provides a well-rounded education. Find a school that offers portfolio development courses, a great way to learn how to showcase your talent to get the job you want.

Continue growing as an artist. After you received a well-rounded education and have created a fantastic portfolio, it’s important to continue developing your skills as a makeup artist. There are many ways you can do this: attend workshops and seminars; visit tradeshows; and peruse industry-leading magazines and websites.


Cosmix Inc. has sponsored this guest post. Cosmix is one of the only licensed makeup schools in Florida. The makeup artistry school offers makeup artistry training in beauty, fashion, film, television, and special effects.